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Robert L. Jaffe, a MIT faculty is a Jane and Otto Morningstar Professor of Physics.

Profile Bio of Robert L. Jaffe

Mr. Robert L. Jaffe was born on 23rd May, 1946 at Bath, Maine. Starting his education from Public Schools, Stamford, Connecticut, he later joined Princeton University in the year 1964. Later in the year, 1986, he joined Stanford University and completed his M.S. in the year 1971, while Ph D. in the year 1972.

Focusing on his professional experience, he started as a Research Associate in 1972 at Stanford Liner Acceleration Center. The rest of his professional career can be attributed to the attachment with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he served as a Research Associate from 1972-74 and later becoming an Assistant Professor of Physics (1974-1978) and Associate Professor of Physics (1978-1983). He came on to become a Professor of Physics in the year 1983 and still continuing at the same post. Besides, these he holds several other important positions like Morningstar Professor of Physics and Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow.

His best known works in Physics

Mr. Robert L. Jaffe is best known for his major contributions and research works on the quark substructure of matter. He, along with his colleague formulated the first consistent description of quark confinement, which is more popularly called as the ‘MIT Bag Model’, and used it to the proper explanation of many aspects of the quark substructure of matter.

He even formulated a sum rule related to the polarized lepton scattering, which was related to the spin substructure of the nucleon. This paved a way to the reigniting of the lost interest in Hadron spin physics, later in the decades of 1980s.

His works and contributions can be more formulated in the way, he along with several other students and collaborators, explained higher twist role and the effect of the nuclear phenomenon in deep inelastic lepton scattering. With the series of journals published, Mr. Robert L. Jaffe came onto describe several phenomena related to transverse spin in Hadron substructure and even defined transversity, which can be described as a novel quark spin observable. This transversity now is being studied in a variety of experiments.

The contributions of Mr. Jaffe get an add-on with his deep involvement in the development of the spin physics program, which he carried at Brookhaven National Lab.

His Major Publications

Several Publications of Mr. Robert L. Jaffe can be listed here:
In the field of Theoretical Physics, his major publications are Ordinary and Extraordinary Hadrons, The Casimir Effect and the Quantum Vacuum, Scattering Theory Approach to Electrodynamic Casimir Forces and Casimir Forces Beyond the Proximity Approximation, while on Energy related Subjects, his Publications namely The Future of Solar Energy, Energy Critical Elements:  Securing Materials for Emerging Technologies and Metals Production Requirements for Rapid Photovoltaics Deployment are noteworthy.

Mr. Robert L. Jaffe is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, along with the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is highly focused on Theoretical Particle Physics and The Physics of Energy.


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