Louis Nirenberg


Louis Nirenberg, considered as one of the most powerful analysts of the 20th century, is a Canadian American mathematician.

Profile Bio of Louis Nirenberg

Born on 28th February, 1925 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he completed his undergraduate degree from McGill University. Later he did his Ph. D. from New York University in the year 1949 and become a professor in the same university.

His Contributions in the field of Mathematics

Louis Nirenberg is known for his works in the field of the PDEs. He has made great contributions in the field of the Linear and non liner PDEs i.e., Partial Differential Equations. Even, the application of these aspects to complex analysis and geometry is other major aspects of his works on PDEs. The all important and needed Gagliardo–Nirenberg interpolation inequality, which is highly important in the solution of the elliptic partial differential equations, is the contribution of Louis Nirenberg.

He is also responsible for the formulation of the bounded mean oscillation, which is used for the purpose of studying of behavior of elastic materials and martingales.

The works of Mr. Louis Nirenberg are so important that in 2002, even the American Mathematical Society termed it as “about the best that’s been done” towards solving the Navier–Stokes existence and smoothness problem of fluid mechanics and turbulence, which is in fact, a Millennium Prize Problem and is considered as one of the largest unsolved problems in physics.

Awards and Honors

In recognition of excellent services to the Mathematics, Louis Nirenberg has been conferred with several awards and honors. In the badge of several such awards, the most notable are Abel Prize, one of the top honors in Mathematics (conferred with him, just recently), Bôcher Memorial Prize in 1959, the Steele Prize twice in 1994 and 2014, the National Medal of Science in 1995, and the Chern Medal in 2010 along with some others.

His noteworthy Publications

Several publications of Mr. Louis Nirenberg deserve all praises because of the ways these publications has changed the way of Mathematics. Among his several works, the Lectures on linear partial differential equations, Topics in Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Partial differential equations in the first half of the century and Functional Analysis are the most important ones.

In fact, Mr. Louis Nirenberg has one of the most praised careers in the field of Mathematics and the works of his in the field of PDEs are especially most noteworthy and will be long remembered. He is in fact a lover of collaboration works and always loved to work in collaborations and thus most of his papers are jointly written. His contributions even extend beyond the above mentioned; he also has mentored around 45 Ph. D Scholars throughout his life and has always been considered one of the most intellectual personalities.

You can say that his professional family includes these 45 Ph.D. Students along with near 255 Mathematician Students. He is one of the ever remembered analysts and a great Mathematician, who has given great insights on PDEs.


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