Kip Thorne


Kip Thorne, an American theoretical Physicist is a famous name in Astrophysics, gravitational physics.

Profile Bio of Kip Thorne

Kip Stephen Thorne, was born on 1st June, 1940, in the states of Utah in The United States of America. He was a born excellent student, who excelled in his academics and became one of the youngest Full Professors in the history of the California Institute of Technology. In 1962, he was conferred the degree of B.S., while in 1965, the degree of Ph.D was awarded to him.

Kip Stephen Thorne has been highly active since the beginning of his professional career and wrote several doctoral theses along with Geometrodynamics of Cylindrical Systems. In 1967 he became an associate professor at Caltech and became a professor of theoretical physics in 1970, in 1981, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor, while in 1991, he came on to become the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics.

His Contributions in Astrophysics

Kip Stephen Thorne has well known contributions as a mentor and thesis advisor. He has advised several leading and well known theorists during his lifetime. At the current moment of time, he has his focus on several observations, experiments and several other astronomical aspects of the general relativity. He holds high influence in the academics of Caltech as around 52 physicists have received Ph.D under his guidance and mentorship. Among these 52 Physicists, many are well known personalities all around the world and have established their fame in their respective fields.

At the same time, he has effectively delivered his thinking on gravitational aspects and has thrown some all important lights on astrophysics. His several works like presentations on time travel, black holes, relativity, gravitational radiation, and wormholes have been included in PBS shows in the Unites States and in the United Kingdom on the BBC.

His studies have always been focused on the research on Black holes, Relativistic stars and more specialized on gravitational waves. Have you recalled Mr. Kip Thorne because of some controversial points? Yes, he is the same personality who is associated with the controversial theory of the notion that wormholes, or Einstein- Rosen Bridge can conceivably be used for time travel. He is the author of several important contributions like of Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy.

His several inventions and contributions can be illustrated in the form of the invention of the back-action-evasion approach to quantum nondemolition measurements of the quadrature amplitudes of harmonic oscillators. At the same time, he has developed new technical ideas and plans for gravitational wave detection, and is the co-founder of Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory. He invented tools for visualizing spacetime curvature along with his team members and has also worked on the logarithm of the number of ways that the Black holes could have been made of. Thus, he has made some high number of notable contributions in the black hole cosmology. In total, he has published around 150 articles in several journals.

He has received several honors and awards in recognition to his huge contributions in the field of Astrophysics.


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